Akadeum Microbubble Evaluation Program

Are you ready to push the limits of cell isolation technology?

Time-lapsed photo of Akadeum’s buoyant microbubbles; elapsed time 8 minutes.

Use Akadeum’s Buoyant Microbubbles


If you’re ready for a faster, easier, and gentler approach to single cell isolation, you’re ready for Akadeum’s buoyant microbubbles. No equipment required.


Akadeum has Microbubbles available for trial in our Akadeum Microbubble Evaluation Program. Whether you are tired of the limitations of magnetic beads or you want to manipulate cells in a new and gentle way, Microbubbles may be your solution!


Please share with Akadeum your intended use, application and technical challenges with your current method in the following section. Once we mutually determine that Microbubbles are a fit with your research requirements you will be accepted into the Akadeum Microbubble Evaluation Program. A Microbubble specialist will contact you to discuss your needs and schedule delivery of your Akadeum Microbubble Evaluation Kit.

What Is Included in the Akadeum Microbubble Evaluation Program?


If you are accepted into the Akadeum Microbubble Evaluation Program, you’ll receive early access to the most recent version of our new single cell isolation product. ­We’ll work closely with you to create buoyant beads with antibodies that are specific to your application—and when questions arise, you’ll have support from our experienced technical team!


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